All of our treatments occur without meeting other clients/guests in the various environments of the Hammam. Whether in the case of bookings by a single person, couples or a small group of friends, only the personnel/staff will be in your particular environment to tend to your needs during the various treatments.
At our centre there is no need to bring anything with you: prices include towels, slippers and hygienic underwear for both males and females.
The first entrance to the Hammam is at 10 am, while the last is at 6pm.

The treatments at our Hammam are the following:

  1. Ritual Hammam includes Turkish bath with black vegetable soap applied to the skin, total body scrub, hair wrap with clay, then the hydromassage tub. The treatment finishes in the relax room where we offer herbal teas and some fruit.
  2. Complete Hammam Treatment includes the Ritual Hammam along with a massage, which can be done either before or after the scrub in the Turkish bath with a full body foam (savonage), or a relaxing full body massage with scented oils at the end of the treatment in the relax room.
  3. Superior Hammam Treatment includes the Ritual Hammam with both types of massages (savonage and massage with scented oils).
  4. Giulio Cesare Treatment
  5. Claudia Augusta Treatment
  6. Flavia Domitilla Treatment
  7. Marco Aurelio Treatment

The following treatment packages are discounted for the entire Christmas period:

  • 12 Ritual Hammam
  • 12 Complete Hammam treatments
  • 12 Superior Hammam treatments
  • 12 Holistic Massages 60 mins
  • 12 Relaxing Massages 40 mins
  • 12 Back Massages