While massaging you must always remember particular things: the person that you are massaging does not have a body. Imagine them without a body and your massage will be alot deeper. The first thing one has to believe, is that you are also without a body. Your body and the body you are massaging are material, both are energy. When two material things come into contact with each other they collide ...but when two energies come into contact, simply they mix harmoniously.  They interwine and then fuse, one energy to the other, there is no collision.  Therefore the first thing is to believe that the other is just energy and also you are just energy. Like this begins the music of energy as if playing a guitar. At the end you make music instead of massaging. You play more than you work. You give more from your heart than from your mind. (OSHO RAJNEESH)

  • Circulatory, Destressing Anti-Cellulite Massage
  • Back Massage
  • Classic Thai Massage
  • Thai Oil Massage
  • Thailandese Plantar Reflexology Massage
  • Esalen (Californian) Massage
  • Ayurvedic Massage with Steam Bath
  • Hawaian Massage