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Circulatory massage

Due to its beneficial action on blood and lymphatic circulation, circulatory massage can promote the overall well-being of the body and mind.


Circulatory massage is a massage technique that uses circular movements and gentle strokes to stimulate blood and lymphatic circulation in the body. This type of massage can help improve tissue oxygenation and toxin removal from the body, reducing swelling and fluid accumulation. In addition, circulatory massage can help reduce stress and anxiety, improve sleep quality, and relieve muscle and joint pain

Category: Massages

Duration: 40min

Price: 40.00

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  • Relaxing Massage

    Massaggio: Classic

    Relaxing massage is suitable for those seeking a moment of well-being and tranquility in which to step away from daily stress and regain inner balance.

    Durata: 40min


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  • Relaxing massage with shea butter

    Massaggio: Holistic

    Shea butter massage uses shea butter, a natural substance rich in vitamins and fatty acids, to nourish and moisturize the skin.

    Durata: 60min


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  • Hot Stone massage

    Massaggio: Holistic

    Massage with hot stones, also known as "hot stone massage," is a massage technique that uses heated volcanic stones to relax muscles and improve blood circulation.

    Durata: 60min


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