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Facial treatments in Rome

If you're looking for high-quality facials in Rome, you've come to the right place at Templum Salutis. Our experienced estheticians are passionate about their work and use only the best products and the most innovative techniques to ensure exceptional results. Whether you want to improve the appearance of your skin, reduce signs of aging, or simply treat yourself to a relaxing break, we are here for you.

We work by appointment, for each treatment book first at our contacts.

  • Facial treatment with shea butter and mask

    Shea butter face mask treatment offers a number of extraordinary benefits, keeping the skin glowing, healthy and youthful.

    Durata: 30min


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  • Oriental face cleansing (without squeezing, with argan water scrub)

    Oriental facial cleansing is a deep facial cleansing without squeezing. Suitable for delicate skin and those who cannot tolerate classic squeezing. It will give you radiant and glowing skin.

    Durata: 60min


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  • Classic Facial Cleansing

    Classic facial cleansing is a deep facial cleansing, which includes squeezing as one of several steps. Suitable for those who need to remove skin impurities and blackheads. At the end of the treatment you will have a relaxed and glowing skin.

    Durata: 60min


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Sensory experiences for radiant and regenerated skin.

Facial treatments in Rome: choose our center

At our Hammam in Rome, you can find the facial treatment that best suits your needs. From pore-deep facial cleansing to moisturizing and nourishing treatments, from rejuvenating facial massages to advanced anti-aging treatments, we have everything you need to achieve healthy, glowing and radiant skin.

Our team will welcome you into a warm and welcoming atmosphere, and each treatment will be performed with care and attention to ensure the best possible results.

Take care of yourself: book a facial treatment

Take care of your skin and treat yourself to a rejuvenating facial at our center in Rome. Your beauty deserves professional attention and care, as our professionals can guarantee. But that's not all: discover all of our Hammam routes in Rome treatments and massage catalog. Buy the service that suits you best and discover our world of wellness and relaxation.