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Ritual Hammam Route

The Hammam Ritual involves entering the Turkish Bath where a vegetable soap on the body will prepare the skin to receive the "scrub" with a special glove, followed by the hair pack with Rhassoul and copious ablutions. Now you are ready for the Jacuzzi where you can relax completely before entering the relaxation room where you will be offered herbal teas and fresh fruit.

  • It begins in the Hammam with hot water ablutions, clay will be applied to the hair and the skin sprinkled with black vegetable soap
  • Steam arrives that will soften the skin for the scrub
  • You receive a full-body glove scrub
  • Jacuzzi
  • Fruit and herbal tea in the relaxation room

Or you can choose to have the treatment without going through the Hammam, so with hot tub, fruit and herbal tea in the relax room and relaxing oil massage.

Category: Routes

Duration: 1h 30min

Price: 70.00

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