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Lomi Lomi Massage (Hawaiian)

Lomi Lomi massage is a traditional Hawaiian massage technique that uses fluid, rhythmic, and sweeping movements of the hands, elbows, and forearms to relax muscles and release tension. This type of massage also involves the use of scented oils and traditional Hawaiian music to create a relaxing and harmonious atmosphere.

The four basic elements on which this technique is based are breath, dance, touch and music. Also important are the colors and the "presence-absence" of the ocean: in fact, all movements are inspired by the cyclical nature and grace of the waves. The treatment starts at the back of the head, continues down the back, continues through the arms, hands, legs and feet, and then resumes on the front of the body. On a mental and spiritual level, Lomi Lomi provides relaxation by acting on the nervous system, and aims to act as a bridge between body and spirit. It would also be indicated for combating depression, stress and possible trauma.

Category: Massages

Duration: 60min

Price: 70.00

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